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About us

My parents, Roger and Sandra Krieger were vendors and traveled the East coast selling general dog supplies and went under the name "Country Way Supplies”. It was a family business so my brother, sister and I spent our young years and through high school traveling to shows. My mom was a dog lover. She raised collies and also showed them on our travels.

This is where my passion for dogs began and has grown stronger over the years. My parents retired from the business several years ago, but my two sisters, my mom and I continue to be involved in showing. A joke that a friend Patty reminds us when we all show up at the same show... "there is a major in bitches".

It is amazing how "the dog show family soon became a second family to all of us. I have watched some of the kids I knew from the shows become handlers and some handlers are now judges.

I did take 20 years off from the show world to raise my two oldest children and let my son enjoy playing baseball and football and my daughter was a cheerleader. Once they were on their own I continued to work at my grooming shop in PA, Dogs Day Out. It is located at my home which is convenient for me to tend to my dogs during the day.

At this point I started to get involved in dog shows again showing my own dogs and now I have been handling on a small basis for many years. Having my main business at my home, gives me flexibility to train and professionally show dogs. I enjoy working with the smaller breeds so I specialize in showing breeds 25 lbs and under. I just feel that although a lot of handlers show big and small, I wanted to offer a different setting to the smaller dogs and it has worked. You could say my life revolves around family and my passion for dogs.

As life takes changes and my children are grown up! I will eventually be moving to North Carolina to be with my husband. He lost his PA teaching job when budget cuts happened a few years ago. We had talked about moving south for warmer winters and his love for sports team UNC in Chapel Hill. Long story short, we bought a home in NC and he is a teacher there. Our youngest daughter will finish HS in 2018 so I am slowly preparing myself for "take off".

Dog grooming has been my prime source of income so I was looking for something I could do that could go with me when I relocate. This is where "Best In Show Trolleys" comes into the picture. A few months ago while in NC at shows they had their booth set up with the trolleys I loved so much. I have a trolley that they manufactured close to 10 years old and I love it! It keeps me organized, folds for easy travel, the dogs are comfortable in it and the newly purchased 6 inch flat free wheels make it easy for any dog show venue.

I went to inquire about getting the newer Mini 4 berth trolley. Turns out with much excitement while conversing with the manufacturer and owner of Best In Show Trolleys", they would be happy to let me become a distributor in the NE to make them more available to exhibitors who never get to see them set up and see all the styles, colors and accessories. So here I am, taking Dogs Day Out in a different direction for a product I love and believe in. "Best In Show Trolleys". 

I will slowly add products that are in demand but not available conveniently. I am open to suggestions if you should have any. Feel free to contact me to see if I will be at shows you will be at and please stop by and say hello when you see us in our travels.